February 2011 damn man… 


I felt alone and almost forgotten. My thoughts of you have got me cornered about how,  I really feel. 
No day is the same if your voice is not the alarm that wakes me to start my day. 

My day started empty. No voice, no alarm. No alarm to start my day. A zombie bewitched as I walk a stray. No feeling just a blaze. I feel empty and a lil strange.

A mistaken call caused my heart beat to nearly knock at deaths door. You call again to say,  its wrong cause your fingers knew it had to dial me.

Your body seemed heartless and cold when you said I’ll speak to you tonight. When the moon has come out and the sun has set. 
Now a werewolf creeps next to me I scream for help but words seem to be like ice. Hard no shape. I tried speaking to your voicemail but the words were frozen, still hard and no shape.
When days are dark and friends are few,  your number is always available whether I’m near or far away from you. You might not be here right now cause slowly I feel alone and left in the dark. 

Locked in the basement of my own sin. I grew alone and got no one to come in. The darkness has blinded me from what was right in front of me. The tears now giving my eyes the cleanse it always needed now I see a bit clear but my feeling so blury.

You are my eyes I’m the days when I could not see that you are the one leading me. With no regret that I have found someone who says his heartless is so soft no sound.

The wind howls like the yearning of a ox being slaughtered. The blood on the knife so pure so soft the one who slaughtered felt no shame it was to be one of sacrifice but now looks of shame. The ox life has been taken for what? A sacrifice? But it looks more of pain. 

Written in 2011 damn how the times flies…. 


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