Rollercoaster of feelings 

I can always try

And be there for

You who hurt me
Despise me, bruise
Me and at the 
Same time make
Me feel good.

Is this life or a dream.
Is this a game am
I a option?
Am I a credit?

The pain in my life
is deeper than the 
darkest shadow in
The dungeons of a 
Soul not giving off
Any light.

Yet in my life I
Am troubled, by you
You who are people!

Where so I draw the line
Where you can see

If I do then people will 
say no its not like

My decisions are based
On my emotions. My
Heart is visible willing
To be beaten to a pulp
Of no more : love, hope,
security, peace, patience,
happiness, serenity and

This is if only the
Darkness of my heart
that feels like blocking 
every son of
a bitch

I am no trophy
No prize possession.

My words might 
seem cold and
heartless. But this 
is what you people
do to me when 
I feel discouraged.

I smile to fake 
it but actually try 
to break free from
the sin the darkness
the dungeon that
you have kept me

Where do I make
a stand and people 
actually acknowledge

fuck all the good 
ways because its
forgotten within days.

Will this humble heart
of what I actually think I
have make an 
impact on someone’s

Fuck all the bull-shit
The stories and your

This time I fight
For me!!!

What do I mean
to people a silent 
pure gentle soul 
with rage and no 
control over emotional

My thoughts, my 
words, my feelings. 
The numb feeling
of no-one is there.

My presence is a
Mere formality.

You keep me in 
your company so 
that you people 
are not alone.
I am no class 
clown nor your
Personal joke.

I stand for me 
so fuck you and 
your formalities 
and the troubles 
you have put me 

You people, what do 
I not mean to you?

This rage of loneliness 
flameless fire is set 
to be down no flame 
can withstand this 
life of a climate confusional

Will this flame ever 
be ignited by your words called love???

Is it warm or just
a fragrance of your 
broken rotted heart?

Why do I feel that you 
people need me 
around for your 
pleasure and not mine.

Its about time I
draw this mother
fucking line.

Don’t dare go to 
sleep with a bad 
thought lingering of me. 
What I do. 
I might become your 

Where am I wrapped 
around??? Am I

Do you ever feel 
like u am this
brick wall waiting 
for some builder 
to create me to 
stand strong.

Will a graffiti artist 
spray-paint the truth 
on my wall. The 
true potential that 
you see in my 

The darkness does
it prevail within 
my heart, mind and soul?

Where do these words 
come from? I wanna 

Who the fuck am
I to people?

Break a part of
me and I will get 
you back for the 
shit you put me 

I am the water
dripping down 
the drain when 
you’re done showering 
,but I clog all the 
pipes within your 

Your home might 
not feel safe,
If I don’t ever 
see you. I will
find what I mean 
to people when 
they find me.

Nov 6, 2011 


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