Why was I so broken? Because of this bully! 


A piercing right through the veins of my body. The body that has been beaten and bruised. I look at myself in the mirror the mirror that shows a reflection of a bruised body. But doesn’t show the real hurt within ones self.

My body has been in battles that not always ended in blood but of tiredness too. My strength is not just masculinity but of soul mind and heart.

My body has been bruised by words of shame, disappointment and rage. Why is it my body that has been beaten since a young age a defenceless person I thought I would grow up to be. My body beaten by some what you call a bully.

A bully who finds pleasure in hurting a soul that’s defenceless even much too nice. See the grin upon bully’s face. Cause my body has called the police but nothing was done yet bully continued until my body grew older but not tired. See my body building shape. See my soul growing within my body. See my mind changing in seeing that bully is just a anger management session away and needed.

My body now growing I feel it now. You see bully and I stand eye to eye bully now no more hurt my body. Bruises will not be on my body.

You bully I have had enough of your cheap talk, silly walk and your lung disease stick polluting the air but mainly bully’s own lungs.

You see you feed your body with dosages of substances that only last a while. While I nurture this body of mine for much more than just a puff of time. Your body bully ain’t gonna last against mine. I see you bully becoming aware that the days of me being ashamed and defenceless has now disappeared but I appear before you bully standing up for myself cause no one wanted to stand up to you bully.


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