Hi sparrow, quick question? If your words were a weapon would you use them to do harm or do good?

F#*% that lemme just bite this bullet. I know you can’t because your words were bitter and a pill quite to hard to swallow. Swallow? nah, i’m a sparrow, look at my wings bitch, look at the rain your tears oops was that the same words you used against me? Nah, just you sit back and enjoy this but right now its pointless.

You’re just a maggot yeah you got that right manifesting on another host cause you cannot grow on your own.

Watch me fly b*tch with the wings I’ve earned and you yet to hatch!



Your words of pleasure luring me into your web of truth a truth I believed, you made me believe. Yes you spun me around made me your prey and now I stare into your eyes with so empty so sad you know I am here the one who helped you and carried your fears.

You spun me into your truth the one I now believe but after I saw you for who you are now you’re just a spider chilling in the corner of your car come here lemme eat you I would say just to get you outta the web you spun for yourself.

Do not be trapped in your own delusion for you know I am and forever will be a sparrow of love but from you I flee.

You’ve seen me at my lowest, guess what you are the one who put me there.

I climbed out of the infested carcass of my dead body where you poisoned me with your words, your lies and all of your deceit.
Thanks you fool for letting me make love to you or was it lust because we’ve broken our trust.

You’re amazing do you know that the way you make me feel so loved so happy but now a pat on your back.

I appreciate your lessons your time it was not wasted.

I wake up now to see life through the eyes given to me by my mother who told me do not run after scum.

Scum will stick they’ll dry out take a cloth and wipe it off!

Broken Sparrow

Watch me drown myself in a lake of my own bitter, sorrow, fear, hurt, pain and utter disgust of my very own tears, watch me with your eyes of pure unmeasured hate and sadistic heart.

Watch me, yes you the one who’s the cause of this pain this is a two way street. I should’ve opened my spiritual eyes to see that you’re nothing but a lesson learnt.

We f#cked exchanged demons yet you still haunt me and it cannot let me go. I find people similar to you because your demons got a hold of me and yet you’re the one light hearted and so much happiness guess what my demons are within you and yet what am I doing here? sitting here, crying here and just allowing myself to hurt trying to let go of your demons.

Well I try to meet someone to be reminded of you, to be surrounded by you is what I want but cannot get your demons got a hold on me yet you know its your spell of hatred toward me, the bitterness someone else caused you.